Hell Hospital short story published

My story is published in my book Texting: Smash-ups, Mishaps, and Laughs and recently in Grey Wolfe Publishing Literary Magazine titled Legends: Paranormal Pursuits. (Death takes a young man to a Hell Hospital where he is supposed to serve out his sentence for killing three victims due to his texting and driving.)  I’d rather find a publisher for the whole book, though…lots of time, not going “LIVE” on amazon with book, (keeping it only available through Create Space) so I’ll just keep searching.  It’s an important and entertaining hot-topic book!  It deserves a major audience.

Literary break time-U.S.A.  Over and out for a long time. Will attend our Write-on, Hoosier Xmas party, but that’s about it.  I Enjoy the change of seasons and activities…Working at the Council on Aging to help with the Energy Assistance Program. Love working with my pals, Marilyn, Carol, and Judy.

Happy autumn colors and Holiday season cheers!  G.G.

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Horizon Spectrum is Here!

We did it!  Our Write-on, Hoosiers group gathered poems, short stories,  novel excerpts…and published a book.  Sharon found a beautiful photo by Karen Good for the cover.  It’s resembles one of our magnificent Hoosier sunsets.  The fiery-orange skies and golden sun are reminders of how beautiful Indiana can be.  I’d like to thank Sharon for taking a leap of faith, forging forward with this literary project, and both Bev and Sharon for their incredible hard work and editing assistance.

To my writer friends, I’ll share this:


Once upon a time, in a small Midwestern town in America, an Indiana girl wished upon a star.  Her dream was to plant a literary garden.  She planted seeds that were donated from other dreamers. Three friends worked on the lit-garden and watched the dream-book grow.  Occasionally they wished the lit-seeds delivered were of a more perfect nature. But they only needed a little nurturing. And though sometimes they had different opinions about the type of grammatical fertilizer which should be used, they remained dedicated and toiled the literary soil.

Hoosier horizons, suns, moons, and huckleberry friends kept the lit-gardeners company until harvest season. Then one sunny day, the harvest was shared by all. From tiny creative, faithful seeds—to a unique, bountiful dreamstalk, that’s what Horizon Spectrum grew into. Hoosier literary soup for creative souls—that was the result of one Indiana girl’s dream and all of those who helped make a dream come true. When harvest time came, everyone gathered around and said, “Let’s feast, share our stories, poems, and dreams…and celebrate our miracle.”

It is told that many more literary miracles happened in the days and years that followed.  Simply because all of the literary gardeners know about the most special ingredient in the world when it comes to planting things and making them grow. They often express this heartfelt sentiment at their Lit-Garden Club meetings:

                      “When you wish upon a star,

                              you must first believe,

                 just believe, in who and what you are.”




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lovable losers
now champs pride for our dear cubs
happy days grand hugs

Signed, eternal Cubs fan, G.G.


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My Latest book is about texting and phone call distraction. TEXTING:  Smash-Ups, Mishaps, and Laughs.    How did I come up with the idea?  My neighbor’s whole right side of his car damaged, my nephew and sister almost in a deadly crash, my brother, myself… all with close calls in traffic…why??? TEXTING or phone distraction by other drivers.  Research shows CALLS KILL. Please pledge to drive safely or “bad things will happen.”  For a good read, here it is, in black and white, fiery fictitious headlines and short stories:  It’s a book to raise awareness, yet entertain since part two of the book deals with The Lighter Side…and it will make you laugh. I know, I know, I said no more books, this is different…short stories, not a novel..It was easy!  Originally it was to be compiled by three authors, even less work for me but the other two writers had things come up, thus, I decided to forge forward alone.  I’m holding off on going live for now (for sale on Amazon) since  still trying that both/and approach… seeking agent/ publisher. In the meantime, copies are printed up by CreateSpace..I love it, just love it…this modern day wonder age of self-publication!  Oh, entering the book into several contests….I have plenty of confidence in this worthy, current-day (topic of interest) book!

COOL LITERARY PROJECT TWO:  HORIZON SPECTRUM..That’s the title of my writer’s group anthology of poems and stories…We are compiling now from writers in the group, I just created a very striking cover….two as tentative samples…really love the second one…hope that it is chosen.  Bev is editing…After formatting it and finishing touches…I will be uploading it to Createspace….We will be selling it and sharing our stories with others at the Write-On Hoosier XMAS party this year….don’t ya just love it?  I do!

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Holidays, holidays! Springtime is Nearing!

Star Date:  Already February, the year of 2016…February will fly by and springtime season and Easter holiday will be upon us before we know it!

LATEST NOTICE:  New literary project in the works…more later, but meeting with my old lit pals at Write-On-Hoosiers tomorrow, Thursday evening to talk about putting together a collection of short stories…I emailed Sharon and suggested we put a book together for and have it ready at this year’s Xmas party…So, we’ll see. Again, mostly just compiling…

OH…and MY OTHER SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEA, to write short stories…NOT A NOVEL…but short stories….about texting…and self-publish…Book is half done already..April is DISTRACTED DRIVERS MONTH….should be done by then…Love the cover I created with Create Space…sad short stories, then funny short stories..and one contemplative poem titled Deadly Roadways.

TITLE OF BOOK:  TEXTING:  SMASH-UPS, MISHAPS, AND LAUGHS…really cool, important-life or death message book. “Don’t text and drive or bad things will happen!”

Sorry, I have a little catching up to do…Halloween 2015 came and went, so did Xmas and my Hallmark movie marathon season…then, all of a sudden, it was a brand new year!  Hello, 2016!

I’ve been a busy girl…feels good to be a working class citizen again…two days a week at the Council on Aging here in town…helping with the Energy Assistance program…i just love it! Not too often you get to play Santa and help people keep their homes warm and lights on!

And Marilyn, Carol, the rest of the gang I work with…it’s so nice to have co-workers again…the only drawback is the free sweets dropped off by the town bakery or Strack and Van Til weekly…which I vow, yet can’t seem to keep my promise to refrain from taking home…cinnamon bread here, marble pound cake there…i never buy that stuff either..yet here I am, it’s free, so I’m partaking…

So, here I sit typing with my crooked fingers….aching back/neck..and feeling oh so lucky to still be a functioning human being able to enjoy life and accomplish things…Thanks God..oh and guardian angels…my sister and I had the scariest, closest call with death due to pure icy roads one day…WE ARE TRULY LUCKY, OH SO LUCKY that we did not go flying off into the air and smash right into death!  I swear…So scary, so lucky…Thanks again God.



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It’s amazing….every time I began a book, I looked up, asked God for a favor.  “Please let me finish this book I started.”  Guess what, God, the Heavenly skies,  and the kind, loving, positive-persistent forces of the world have never let me down…But I’m NOT writing any more novels…..my luck just might run out at this point. I’ve actually completed three books more than I really ever intended to write!

Short stories, poems, that kind of stuff….and helping others self-publish, that’s all fine and good…but no more novels…who knows, when I’m ninety I may change my mind, but not likely.

Just remember, the cookbook was a compiling-writer deal…so when I said ON THE LITERARY ROAD was my last novel, I meant it!

SECOND PLACE AWARD WINNER…ON THE LITERARY ROAD WITH A WRITER, Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, Five Star Publications…Biography/Memoir Category…2015.

ON THE LITERARY ROAD WITH A WRITER is a story about me, a writer, walking the streets of “Catalpo,” a fictitious town based on my cool real town where I live, Valparaiso, Indiana.  Travel with me on my true final joy-ride memoir as I share: past literary adventures,  Best Top Ten Lists for writers, and interesting tidbits about Valpo.  I used the pen name Percy Varrants, by the way, for this one….get it?  percy-varrants…..that’s what life takes, as a writer or anything else, perseverance, right?

“To dream is not to dawdle, rather…to dream and act is to fulfill life’s unique quest.”  Percy Vee……You can quote me if you like!

Finally, there is yet another book to add to my literary resume….of all things, a cookbook!  (TITLE:  Banta’s Batter:  Senior Savory Recipes and Merry Memories) Yes indeed, ode to Fannie Farmer!

Yes, my “scathingly brilliant idea” (as Hayley Mills would say in the movie NO TROUBLE WITH ANGELS) came to me one day as I sat eating lunch at our senior center here in town.  Carol, a worker there, mentioned that she hoped the annual Fall Bazaar was a success, because the Banta Center could use the funds….I thought, why not?  Compile a book by collecting recipes by fellow seniors, juice and spice it up with a few other  interesting issues, such as: info on celebrity cooks and famous chefs, and adorable graphics from clker.com, etc….so that’s what I did. Got started, and within a few months, voila!  One unique, fine cookbook with a colorful cover.

Thanks to the seniors who gave me recipes to publish and those who provided me with some heartfelt merry mealtime memories!

It’s an 11 x 8 1/2 size book sporting a glossy cover designed with a butterfly on the front.  Banta is a butterfly species, but the old Banta school/current  Banta Senior Center is actually named after a Banta family man/first superintendent of Valpo schools, William H. Banta.

I’ve had continued tough ups and downs with health issues, trying various meds, and a bad fall with everlasting effects….but I’m hanging in there….always feel lucky to still be enjoying quality of life a lot of the time….so I’ll be promoting the above last two books I published and New Jack Rabbit City…. in October, November, and December of this year…2015. I also entered them in some contests….so, I’ll await to hear about the winning results!

By the way, do you know who Betty Crocker is?  I thought I did, since we had her cookbook lying around the house when I was a kid…Betty was a sweet homemaker who cooked up great recipes, right?  Wrong!  She never existed! General Mills did a good job of “cooking her up!”  (I like my punctuation marks inside the quotes.)

Over and out for now….Cheers…and write-on!  GG and Percy Vee

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MAY God and education and luck be with all the sneezers and wheezers out there in the world always cherishing healthy breathing and an un-plugged nose!

DON’T FORGET, HENRY, THE FRIENDLY ANTIBODY….wants to tell you his story in my book…SNEEZING SEASONS, e-book for $1.00 at Amazon Kindle bookstore….

Sneezing Seasons: The Inside Story about Allergies and Immunology Henry tells story again in paperback at Amazon.com.  Book is FIRST PLACE WINNER in (Health Category) Five Star Publications 2013.


Join the literary wagon train of self-published poets and
writers. Here is the trail-wagon recipe I cooked up for you.



1. A yearning/ willingness to try something new and perseverance is a must.
2. Computer access and ability to follow instructions.
3. Pick ripe poems, short stories, devotionals, plays, and/or books that you have written. Stir those creative juices into word docs.
4. No spoiled documents that leave a bad taste behind. Utilize an editor or talented writer friend.
5. Spice up the interior with free images from http://www.clker.com. Give credit.


1. Start a Create Space.com account for free.
2. Shop at the free Create Space Book Market. It’s open 24/7, by the way, with real-live person assistance.
3. Follow instructions to publish. Put in title as draft, so can experiment. Don’t use actual title until ready to publish.
4. Prepare at least 25 pages (minimum) of word document.
5. Pick book size, upload document as interior. View it.
6. Correct any formatting problems.
7. Create a cover (follow prompts).
8. Insert back text on book cover.
9. Create description.
10. Okay, when you sample/view book, it looks good, submit files for review.
11. Note: Color interior is more expensive when you buy your copies, although you will always have a free color cover. You can use a Create Space cover design, or use a CS template/create own.
12. Let your book “simmer” at Create Space for 12-24 hours. They point out any problems. Often, it will say a problem, but it still works, so try it first. If looks okay won’t spend time fixing something do not need to.
13. Get okay on book, view one last time, order up a proof, then copies. Savor the moment!
14. Watch for mail, and enjoy/share your literary creation when it arrives. Serve it with love to family, friends, and readers! I can’t wait for some free samples, since I shared my recipe with you!


If you only want book for yourself/family/friends—this is the best part—You simply DO NOT choose/serve any channels of distribution. It will be there and you can print up as many books as you want just for you. You can do this for a shorter poetry book or an entire book. It does not have to go “LIVE,” for sale on Amazon, etc. However, for authors ready to do so, option is available.

A secret to my special recipe is to have 131 pages if you want your name and the title on the spine of the book—and I don’t usually give away all my secrets in my recipes!

As mentioned in writers’ group, sometimes if something is published, such as a poem, it does not qualify for entry in contests, so it is something to consider before going
“LIVE” and selling on Amazon, etc. However, there are also contests where you can enter whole books of poetry/books of yours and try and win. And, it is just simply terrific to have your own book sitting on the coffee table at home or as a keepsake for your family/kids/grand kids.

Like I always say: “Oh what a wonderful world.” (It really is, printing-recipe-wise for writers.) Nothing like your very own free homemade “Chicken Soup for the Soul” batch of books cooked up or popped out of your unique self-cooking creative literary oven!

Don’t forget: Ben Franklin, Hemingway, Thoreau, Twain, Grisham, Stein, Whitman, Beatrix Potter, E. A. Poe, Stephen King, T.S. Elliot, Sandberg, e.e. cummings, —they were all pioneers, self-publishers. Believe me; many would have used Create Space in a heartbeat! And saved themselves a lot of money! Not only that, but they would be proud of us for being the pioneering self-publishers of our generation.

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HI there once again.  Bless me Father, for I have sinned, it’s been awhile since my last blog. Don’t make me write something a hundred times on a chalkboard because I already have tired fingers (arthritic) ones, so just forgive me and I’ll try to do better…But, I think unless something really important pops up, four times a year update blogs will do just fine for this writer….so that’ my best commitment from now on, Okay?


10.  Writing a short piece on Late Night Talk Shows, a farewell to David Letterman.  Title:  Farewell to the Hoosier Funny Man and an End to a Comedic Era…..I’ll probably submit it to a couple papers and see what happens.

9.  Sold some books, On the Literary Road, Sneezing Seasons, my poetry book, and New Jack Rabbit City…. at the annual Senior Center Bazaar here in town Saturday April 2015. Made a few great connections, too….there are definitely writers out there who work passionately and want to self-publish…I’ve got the recipe, so here I am…at your disposal…two lunch dates already…..and of course I’ll hand over my “secret” Lit Recipe for Self-Publishing.

8.  COOKBOOK:  Had an idea, hey folks, let’s do a cookbook..fundraiser for the Banta Senior Center, collecting recipes now……will publish in fall, to sell at October Bazaar..


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Hi, Percy here…that’s right, Percy Varrants.  My latest book is ON THE LITERARY ROAD with a Writer.  It’s another mostly true, occasionally imaginative account about my life and sparks to inspire and who inspires me.  Published with CreateSpace, but just available to friends and family for the time being…oh and to Tom Lounges and Catherine Lanigan.  (See info from a radio interview the charismatic Tom Lounges did with the author of the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile.  Some idiot professor tells the talented college student that she’ll never make a dime as a writer, but promise to NEVER write again and he’ll give her a B.  So for 14 years she keeps that promise.)  It’s toward the back of the book. (LATE ENTRY:  NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.)

I wrote a lot about my life as a writer, the cool town I live in, Valpo, known as Catalpo in the story.  What a journey, what a ride a story takes a writer on.  I did reach out to a Chicago publisher and a New York literary agent.  (I may try others.) We’ll see if anything happens.  If not, CS is always there for me. Love the cover!  Forest green in front and back with a large insert of a “Lemonish” yellow on the back for the back cover text…so cool! I know contests that have best cover designs, I’d probably win something for sure!  Of course I had to add a graphic on front, an uphill road, the road that always leads me from the beginning of a literary spark to the my destination.  “Got a dream?  Chase it!  That’s what this book is all about.”  And a whole lot more, of course.


Percy writes books and poems. Self-publishing got her books into print but she admits that selling books is the difficult part. Yet, after thirty years of writing books, she never gave up. This story is a testament of never-ending faith, perseverance, chasing dreams, and finding the right paths to travel on in order to find clarity and satisfaction as a modern day writer. Travel with Percy as she writes about past literary adventures, the wonder age of self-publishing, offers Best Top Ten Lists for writers, or rides off to Chicago’s annual Printers Row Lit Fest.  There she buys a book that leads her to Jack Kerouac’s classic, On the Road. Unlike Kerouac, though, Percy travels mostly on the stepping stone sidewalks in her beloved town and down the imaginative avenues within the neighborhoods of her heart and mind. She says it’s always fun to have company and hopes you’ll join her on what she truly believes will be her final literary joy-ride novel.

HO! HO! HO! AND AWAY WE GO WITH ANOTHER HOLIDAY SEASON…Had a great Thanksgiving, gave lots and lots of thanks, always extremely grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

Had a terrific, fun time at the annual Write-On Hoosier Christmas party.  Entertainment was outstanding!  Put a little blurb about that in book.

Making new writer friends at the local writers’ group here in “CATALPO” Indiana…..Blank Slate Writers.  Got me a very good, patient, perseverant editor now, too, from the group, Tim…and he’s familiar with CreateSpace, uploading, etc.  Mostly he helped me out with formatting page numbers and headers.

Gotta go watch a Xmas Hallmark movie!  Holiday Cheers and joy and peace to all…

Until we meet on the literary road, or sidewalk…Percy Vee.


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Sneezing Seasons Wins First Place!

Good old Henry (the antibody-hero) and Wickersham (the adorable cat-model) pulled it off, won First Place in the Health category, Five Star Publications/Royal Dragonfly Book 2013 Awards/Honorable Mention (2013 Purple Dragonfly Awards) for the front cover, too.  Hurray!

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