BLOG ENTRY: 3/15/12

Stream of consciousness.  Let me see.  What has touched my heart and soul lately and how do I express it in words?  Well, first, I almost started a civil war with the seagulls flying overhead at K-Mart here in Valpo when I threw out a piece of bread there in the parking lot.  One, quick with his wings, fellow swooped down, grabbed the whole thing.The screeching and chase was on!  I thought about buying a whole loaf of bread, but then I thought, not today, another day.  And moderation came to mind, or else I’ll be feeding the whole flying feathered county of birds before I know it. Caution entered my mind.  Maybe I would bring birds in from all over the state and I’d be subjecting my sweet new town to an Alfred Hitchcock nightmare encounter!

I’d really like to share this with you.  I took a ride down memory lane the other day with my sister.  First we drove over to Hammond to visit her three sons.  Had a good little visit, then all three hopped in my nephew’s hot shot new red truck and went to sweat and work hard at Ford.  After we left, on the way home, traffic was backed up on the expressway, so I got off at Burr, then headed east on Route six.  Before we knew it, we were in the old “hood,” cruising down Broadway, waving hi to our high school, Lew Wallace, and talking about all our hangouts around there on Broadway on our way home from school. We remembered the bowling alley, Burger King, Pete and Snook’s Pizza, and Koney Island hot dog place, which believe it or not is still standing. (Or maybe it’s a replica, I don’t know.  Seems to me in my day, it was Coney Island with a C.)

Then we decided to truly travel back in time and visit our old neighborhood, Glen Park, passed the Buy Low building and George Kuny elementary school.  Just off of 49th Avenue we spun over to 51st Place.  Our yellow house is still there.  Talk about flashbacks. I could see my dad so clearly sitting on the front porch enjoying a summer day, my sister riding her Trike down the block, hearing the ice cream truck, waving goodbye to my mom as she drove off to Chicago to work as a waitress at Adolph’s restaurant.

We could hear I-65 in the background ad named every house where we knew our neighborhood buddies had lived: the Wires, Wallaces, Issacs, Rings, my school pals and my sister’s schoolmates.   So many sentimental “wonder” year memories.  Of course all memories while growing up are not good ones.  But, back in the “hood,” we sure had experienced a lifetime of happy, loving times.  Of course the neighborhood’s changed.  Houses are torn down or atrophying right there in front of the neighborhood’s eyes.  But we chatted with a couple walkers and it was clear that people were still living there, trying to enjoy happy memories just like Sis and I did, so long ago.

Okay, next blog, I’ll share some exciting literary projects.  Until then.  Read and Write-On!

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