Conflict and Literary Undertakings

Conflict.  I learned once from a workshop that a story is much better if conflict is within.  Well, I have plenty of conflict within my life and as a writer.  Example: As I sat in church on Sunday singing along to the contemporary karaoke music, trying to “live in the moment,” things kept popping into my head and I thought, “Oh oh, I think I’m in trouble.  Why?  Because as a writer, sometimes I have to quote somebody or use certain language to make characters seem more real.

So, let’s say there are a few words here and there, expletives within some of my stories, what then?  Will my literary works be banned forever from my neat church members?  There are so many creative young people there.  We just had a talent show and Valpo truly does have talent!

I’d like to share my poems, books, screenplay, the works and yet a censoring problem just might occur from time to time.  But like the pastor said, if we’re feeling anxious over something, just give it up, let go.  So I’ll just leave this one in God’s hands.

In the meantime, I am so excited and plan to move right along with the help of my talented web designer friend and prepare to launch a lifetime of literary works on the internet.  Available for the WWW, whole wide world to see.  “Oh what a wonderful world.”  It truly is and I feel so lucky. Other projects:  Three poems into a contest and health withstanding ( I do have health issues to contend with), I am seriously hoping to attend The Midwest Writers Workshop at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana this year.  It’s set for the end of July and it’s been over a decade since I made it there.

Although, I sure wish R. Karl Largent (a Hoosier writer) was still around (R.I.P.).  It’s just not going to be the same without his inspiring presence. Well, read and write-on.  Next read for me is a book by one of my W.O.H. (Write-On Hoosier) comrades. I plan to pick up a book by Michael Connelly too at the library tomorrow. My eyes are drooping, my mind is shutting down.  Until then. GG

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