I mentioned in my last blog that if I make it to the Midwest Writers Workshop this summer, it just won’t be the same without R. Karl Largent.  (Late entry:  didn’t make it, the health obstacle thing..maybe another year.) Well, I double that sentiment right here and now.  I don’t know what I was browsing for, but there it was, the fact that Alan Garinger, another really neat Hoosier author and mentor to so many inspiring writers, espeically young ones, is no longer with us.  So again, I know I (and many others who knew him much better than I did,) will feel the void this year…He gave me an interview at the 2001 MWW.  It will be included in my interview section.  We chatted, I mostly listened, well aside from the questions I had for him.  I got inspired.

I came across a website where he did another interview. You can find it at:  (  I liked these answers he gave:

Asked what writer, living or dead he would have lunch with:  Alan said:

“No question about this.  It would have to be Thoreau.”  Well, Mister Garinger, Alan if I may, I would love anything to be at that lunch table too.  Could we invite R. Karl Largent too perhaps, Oh, and Max Erhmann, and Emerson, that’s it.  I most assuredly would not need any food to satiate me!

Advice Alan G. gave to writers:  “Everything you write is important, whether it’s published or not.”  And, “I guess writers are born if tenacity is part of what they are born with.”

Wow!  Once truly inspired by his presence, his story I did read as promised, about a human fackel (torch), his book Torch in the Darkness, inspired again from his insight and answers with the interview he gave me and this one here I spoke about.  I see I have to get to the bookstore again, too, in order to pick up a copy of his book, Alone, about a 13 year old orphan.  Looks like he takes us on another adventurous journey, this time all across Indiana.

I wrote the following poem for R. Karl Largent and included it in one of the Hoosier Storybooks I, Sharon Palmeri, and many other Hoosier authors put together.. I’m going to revise the poem here to include another Hoosier literary legend that I’m sure is working on some electrifying awesome stories in Heaven right this very minute.

(Formatting is strange to save space.)



Each year, as always..sprinkle us again..with your engaging spirits, dear literary friends.

Motivators, mentors, storyteller sages, sprinkle us with your spirits

from Heaven’s workshop stages.

We’ll listen, we’ll learn, we’ll share stories like before…Your smiles still sparkling,

We’ll embrace once more.

Forever more, R. Karl Largent and Alan Garinger, for old time’s sake.

Sprinkle us with your friendly spirits…as you hover at Heaven’s gate.

R.I.P. God Bless from GG and the rest of us

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