Ode to the Coffeehouses of America and All Across This Land


Off to the Coffeehouse I go
to be enchanted by literary manifestos.
Poetry in motion, stimulating prose.
I think to myself, here I’m at home
where poets, writers, musicians,
feel free to roam.
Word Castle Supreme.
I feel their passion, know just what they mean.
Brain haunted house souls
express their highs, their lows.
No choice but to share
intimate details, raw emotions they bear.
Onward into a life of poetic heartfelt cares.
Pulsating within, reflective wear and tear.
The beat goes on within the walls of a writer’s lair.
Maybe a cup of coffee or tea here or there.
But it’s words, nothing else satiates to compare.
Historical beatnik fashion, some traditions unfold
as feelings, observations, stories are told.
In such a creative way, so mesmerizing, bold.
These poets, writers, lyrical musicians endure, pay the toll.
Not easy to live life every moment, breathing it all in.
No choice for a writer, sensitivities, reflections,
never fails, the penned passion always wins.
From heart to page, souls to unclothe, bare.
For those who boldly go where others do not dare.
Artpost depots for a cornucopia of others.
So many places to go.
There are poetic dens to mingle in all across the globe.
So ode to the coffeehouses of America
all across this great land
where poet, writers, melodious musicians,
rise up and take the stand.
Microphone in hand, the stage is theirs to share
within the walls of these welcoming, creative lairs.
A place where the heartbeats of mankind,
sojourner truths and dreams are told.
A universe festooned with stars or scars,
all destined to unfold.
And lucky us, because what would life be
without poetry in the landscape of life?
So bleak, much flatter, pathetically dull
without poetic pearls.
A blacktop backdrop without
the colorful, literary wonders of the world.
So ode to the coffeehouses of America
all across this land
where poets, writers, and magical musicians
can rise up and take the stand.
Microphone in hand,
the whole world becomes a stage
where poetic souls and all those who follow
can be enchanted and engaged.
No, not easy the life of someone
who feels so intensely.
But at least creative souls have somewhere to go.
Gratitude abounds sincerely and immensely.
Ode to the Coffeehouses
all across this land, indeed.
You help fulfill our dreams, yearnings,
our undying need to compose our thoughts,
work and follow our literary sights.
Just to be, to sense it, see it,
to share our lived and written lives.

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