Write-On Hoosiers and Northwest Indiana Poetry Club Society

Write-On Hoosiers and Northwest Indiana Poetry Society

4/22/12:  In my last poem here on the blog, I mentioned that poets find a place to roam, where they feel at home.  That goes for writers in general too.  I’d tell someone off the street, “Hey, if you want to get inspired, just go attend a writers’ or poets’ group.” That’s what I do.  Write-On Hoosiers is a group that’s been around since 1989!  I don’t know when the poetry club started.  All I know is I’ve got a couple Word Castles, “Homes” away from home, to visit and I just love it.  Such diversity and creativity, whether it’s a crazy sci-fi story or a heartfelt or humorous poem, it’s all there waiting for me when I show up, to truly inspire and make me feel proud to be a member of a special, gifted society of writers.  And the amazing, interesting characters who attend: from the young aspiring teenagers to the seventy-five, eight-five and on up still alive and thriving members. “Oh, What a Wonderful World!”

Then, at the poetry group on Saturday, K.F. shows up and hands out this very cool, colorful poetry book titled: P.O.P.P. It stands for: Power of Poetry Project.  Within the pages, enchanting poems from elementary students and adorable graphics of dogs eating a kid’s homework, a cheetah, monkey, dolphin, spider, yikes!  Again, such creativity, truly another literary inspiration.  This neat project was the brainchild of yet another group: the Indiana Writers’ Consortium.  Talk about a foster parent.  IWC fosters “creativity through poetry.”  The Power of Poetry, indeed.  Kids get enough of that rote memory stuff in school. Right?  Thank God for writing and poetry!  It’s like Gym or Art class in schools, just have to keep some fun and creative outlets available to kids, so they can grow up big and strong, happy and creative! Not just stuffy adults with no poetry in their souls. Right? 

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