UPDATE ON MY PROJECTS/Ebook Self-Pub Information

4/27/2012:  It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Birds singing outside my window always make me feel like singing too.  Here’s what’s going on in my life as a writer.  I’m so excited.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a short story.  In the works:  Chicago Hares Go West.  It’s about this endearing hare family: Wyndameer, Mirandia and their son, Bobbiteer, he’s ten.  The father is fed up with city living, so he decides to pack it all up, in backpacks, and hop a freight train west to a new city for rabbits (N.J.R.C.)  near Boise, Idaho.  He wants his kid to experience a better life, to hop freely in the sand dunes and make new friends.  (Some old ones were getting Bobbiteer in trouble at times.)   Wyndameer’s love of nature kept calling him back to a more serene life like the one he knew while growing up on a farm in Indiana before he had to endure all the horrors of a big city. So the family adventures of the Buckingham hare family begin!

My first ebook is in the works also.  I’m trying to go full circle here.  Bring everything together, half a lifetime of writing, on my website.  Also, get back to where it all started, with good intentions of increasing awareness and understanding regarding allergies, asthma, hypersensitive immune systems and people who endure them.  So Sneezing Seasons will be my first ebook.  Did you know you can self-publish an ebook for free?  Well, you sure can.  I have a very knowledgeable friend who explained that Amazon.com is the way to go.  (Lots of good reasons.)

I like certain aspects of Smashwords too.  But his insistency and insight guided me toward Amazon, so here I go.  All I have to do is get it ready in a certain format since digital books read differently off of devices we use and then self-publish for free.  That’s it.  Then do my best to market my book, the inside story about allergies and immunology, told by Henry, a friendly antibody, as he goes from case to case and tries to save lives.  For anyone wanting to be brave, creative and do the same, self-publish, just research Amazon and/or Smashwords on how to do it.  Although I saw some positives with smashwords and learned a lot from their formatting information, even how to avoid early mistakes, as I said, I think I’ll go with Amazon.

Connections?  I’m always being intuitively guided toward certain things or people and lately my favorite ones are:  http://www.golivestudios.wordpress.com, my friend’s site that brought to life the very imaginative Idaho town, New Jack Rabbit City, just where the Buckingham hare family is headed and David Gaughran, an Irish writer’s blog, very interesting, at http://www.davidgaughran.wordpress.com. Gaughran writes a fantastic blog.  His latest inspiring information dealt with self-publishing.  And he’s got a lot of good things to say about it. Read his Let’s Get Digital, too, for free! You’d like these websites, so check them out if you want to be inspired.

So for anyone out there debating rather to sit around for the next two, five, ten years, collect a stack of rejection letters, and/or forfeit the easiest dream in the world, being a published author, just know there is a choice.  You can self-publish and see your literary labor of love up and running as an e book, even sitting on your coffee table in paperback at home or watch your hopes and dreams of publishing your stories/poems fade into oblivion.  It never hurts to take a both/and approach. Besides, you can always seek an agent or write a query letter and include your book information too.

Next, I forgot to mention my hopes to win a contest.  I forget if it was Dylan or Frost, one of them though, I believe, said they’d never enter a contest.  Probably thought it was too tacky.  You know, the writer/poet must “stay gold” (a line from The Outsiders movie), or pure at heart to their writing projects.  I feel the same at times.  This trying to sell my work or entering contests, it doesn’t feel right in some respects.  I’m a writer/poet, not a salesman or marketing professional.  But with any job or avocation, there are pros and cons.  We just have to make the best of it, take what we like and do what we think is necessary and stay true to ourselves.  To function at an optimal level though, as a self-published author, I do think flexibility and innovative thinking will go a long way in helping the process. After all, many people play an assortment of roles in their lives. Certainly, don’t forgo courage and perseverance too!

So, I entered three short stories in a contest at http://www.winningwriters.com.  They are the same three stories up on my website.  I’m going to enter a poem too, Ode to the Coffeehouses of America.  That’s another great site for writers and poets.  Just sharing.   Another exciting project, reciting my short story American Defector in audio version. I also finished recording responses from Tom Spencer, inspiring Indiana poet, for my Interview category and Sharon Palmeri, founder of Write-On Hoosiers, is on the way.  She will be answering responses in her own voice, by the way.  I warned her.  “Sometimes I like to save bloopers for my Extras section.”  Lots of fun here in my humble abode, small neat apartment in Valpo.  Doesn’t take much to create a studio. Very comfortable and serves a great purpose, in my opinion, especially a cozy home for me and my sweet kitty cat Geno.

Also, my friend and website designer, he is launching another website which sounds incredibly delightful.  Here, another creative “home” for imaginative writers who can bring stories to life.  I can’t wait until my hare/rabbit tale is completed to post. I’ll tell you more about that as the site is up and running.  After all, stories will be needed for the building blocks and substance for the website.

Oh, and as far as reading goes, I finally finished my W.O.H. friend’s book, The Lonesome Isle by Lisa Groszek.  Gave me nightmares.  Guess that’s the sign of a good Stephen King like storyteller.  Reminded me of a Twilight Zone episode where a kid touches a wall and gets sucked into an evil parallel world.  I can’t give it away, but I think something really scary is coming in the future with the sequel.  Not sure if I can handle it.  What an imagination though, refreshing.

Another book caught my eye.  It’s about the most fascinating subject material and the author says it might just be a real possibility.  Tornadoes, zap them right out of the sky BEFORE they do so much devastation! Blasting the Hell Out of Tornadoes: Pandora vs. Supercell is the complete title.  It’s written by a friendly acquaintance who worked at Infinity Publishing for years, John F. Harnish.  It’s an ebook too, a very fast-moving, exciting read. The neat thing about ebooks, besides availability for downloading to all of our fancy electronic gadgets, they often cost a mere three dollars or so. Okay, that’s it for now. Write-On!  GG

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