5/8/2012 Well, it’s official.  I already had glasses, but now I know I must wear them, always, as seated at this darn computer.  I am finding letters here and there that don’t belong and ones that are wrong, and I could have sworn I typed in the right letter. I check and check and still….  So, first, my glasses are on.  Hopefully, my followers are slow in coming so the little extra time I had to fix a few things helped.  Now I know I put in a G for Gaughran, I just know it.  How did that d get there?  Apologies to Mr. Gaughran.  All fixed now, your correct site info is there.  And boy is it neat.  Trust me, this Irish writer with his book, Let’s Go Digital and John Harnish with his books on self-publishing and ebooks will be the Godfathers of many self published authors and ebooks to break into electronic print. Also, to mention, an inspiration.  The same goes for those other two self-publishing advocate gurus, Dan Poynter and Brian Jud.  You want the latest on the miracle age of self-publishing, well they are all daring pioneers and they’ve got the scoop!

My website designer is working very diligently on several projects.  The latest, you will love.  It is my very own podcast site.  You just click, go there, and listen to interviews and audio stories.  We are just completing American Defector, my sci-fi story which can be read on-line at my book website.  But now, sci-fi lovers can listen and enjoy the story about Dylan, an American defector to Zenus, another planet, far, far away.  He defects for a good reason.  “The Amercan justice system sucks.”  And on Zenus, there is a mandatory five minute rule.  Convicted murderers are exectuted five minutes after arrival.  Can it get any swifter than that, for justice? Hear at: (http://gailgalvanbooks.podomatic.com).  I had to hold off just a little while longer on this to obtain permission to use some awesome music to be included from musical artists on www.newgrounds.com.

Another great idea, not mine, Mike’s (website designer),  www.visittheimagination.com. This will actually take the place, I’ve decided, of going the route of revamping another Poetry Palace/Hoosier Storybook.  Writers can submit their work, poems, short stories, book excerpts and we will post it for you so viewers can read and enjoy.  Just working out the details, so stay tuned on that project.

I’ve also been working on audio questionaire/interviews.  Sometimes it will be the actual person responding as I ask questions.  Other times, it will just be me asking the questions and giving the responses I received from a person in writing.  My latest real person interview will be posted very shortly on the podcast link. Sharon Palmeri, founder of Write-On Hoosiers, took the time to sit down with me and verbally answer many questions she responded to, in writing, years ago.  It’s a bit of written history in my book, Author Unknown, Author Undaunted.  But this time, I’ve got the real live Sharon telling you in her own words about why she founded Write-On Hoosiers, and a lot of other great insight about writing and staying creative.  WOH is still going strong after decades and meetings still give writers a place to go to share their work and gain inspiration and guidance. For the interview, I knew we would get the giggles and we sure did, so we saved a couple bloopers for you.  Just for laughs!

Tom Spencer, Indiana poet, in his interview, I do recite his answers, but listen to the content.  He’s a fascinating, disciplined veteran poet for almost fifty years and still going strong.  What an intriguing poetic voice and career for one human being.  Amazing.  simply amazing. Many other audio questionaire/interviews will be shared from the Author Unknown book and Paycheck to Paycheck.  From writers, publishing professionals, to hard-working Americans,  to kids and their perception of work and paychecks, I’m sure you’ll find the questionaire/interviews interesting.  Sometimes, when it comes to kids, down right funny.  I mean, does one paycheck really cover the costs of a new house? Well, that’s what one kid was going to buy with one paycheck!

Now, my latest most “scathingly brilliant idea,” as Hayley Mills would say, is to go a quicker route.  Hold off just a little on Sneezing Seasons as an ebook and format my short story, American Defector, and get it ready for Amazon.  I’ll sell it for .99 cents.  What a deal, right?  Got the idea, from you guessed it, David G. and John H., and my website designer/partner, “go digital, go digital”. Then David G., the Irish writer, said he put together some short stories and sent them off for epublishing to Amazon.  Well, I’ve got some short stories and I think I’ll start with my sci-fi one, since I’ve been receiving some great feedback for it.

I’m happy to entertain, but….in the long run, someday, many people really need to pay attention to my books on allergies, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.  I hope they help someday to increase awareness and understanding.  I just saw a site the other day about kids with Juvenile Myositis (just another fancy name for an inflammatory autoimmune affliction that disables kids) and they asked this doctor some questions…and I wrote right back, because although well-intended and there are many educated doctors out there, this was not one of them.  No, after an infection connection, often the inflammation does not just simply go away.  It can haunt, maim, and kill if hypersensitive immune systems are left out of control.  And it does, every day.  Sorry, but, hey, if my books aren’t getting read, than at least I can blog about it.  “Oh what a wonderful world!”

Until my next blog, Write-On! GG

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