I can’t believe I only live 15 miles from the Indiana Dunes.  Today I decided to take advantage of that fact.  So a friend and I traveled north on route 49 and there it was, that beautiful national treasure.  There tucked between two steel mills: the endless sand, majestic, grand Lake Michigan, and far away sketch of Chicago.

My memory chip kicked in and reminded me of so many carefree, fun days at Miller Beach as I grew up.  Hot summers, cool swims and hikes up and down sandy hills, hoping the day would never end. Even Jack Spratt double-dipper ice cream cones on the way home.  Sometimes it’s a joy to live the reality of two worlds, yesterday and today, the here and now.

I love the rhythmic sound of the waves and seagulls flying above. It’s kind of difficult to walk in the sand with a cane and troubled knee, so I didn’t go far.  But it sure was good to be back!  I even skipped rocks!  What a perfect day.  Now all I need is warmer weather, so I can jump in!  It will have to get really hot though because I know how cold that lake water is, even when summer’s been around for a while.  What a beauty though.  No wonder some people become beach bums.

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