(5/13/2012)  I just got back from church.  I didn’t make it last week, so to my great surprise, we were in for another creative, inspiring musical production. This time, the younger choir members shined with their wondrous voices, dance moves, lively personalities, and animated acting. The stage set the scene:  a drum set, blue clouds hovering in the background, a big rock in center stage and a sign on top that said, Rock Creek Park.  Of course, the three beautiful large golden crosses in our First United Methodist Church still shined down on everyone.

Anyway, the gist of the story, just to simplify and shorten this blog, because I could go on and on all day about this mini-broadway musical that entertained right here in Valpo, Indiana.  But the gist or themes of the play:  Everyone works together as one to help others. That’s why the kids were there with one adult leader, to clean up the neighborhood park. Especially, a theme reminded us to simply be who we are.  “You be you and I’ll be me. God loves us just the way we are!”

The script was moving right along about how a few kids wanted to do what they were there for, but other ones wanted to audition for a young music rock star visiting that day.  Then like most musicals or the T.V. show Glee, the kids suddenly broke right into a musical song.  They sang and swayed on stage with their green shirts, blue jeans (most of them) and baseball-like caps.  One boy kept on sneezing and wanted to be a ROCK, not a rock star for some reason when he auditioned later.   So one of his peers said it sounded good to him since the sneezer probably had “rocks in his head!”

Then, there he was, the rock star, in his cool jacket and black shades.  But the kids got a little surprise.  This was a Christian rock star, said, “All the fame and fortune in the world can’t make a person happy.”  Now that’s what I call a shining star, a wise mentor trying to stir younger kids toward a healthier, more spiritual direction in life!  Some cleaning continued of the park and the songs kept right on coming too.  Then all of a sudden, I got startled.  From the back, four boys in black shirts came marching down the middle aisle with some movie production props.  Apparently Director Steven Spielberg was in the house, now on stage with his production crew members.

Speilberg wanted to hype up whatever he was working on with “flying monkees” or something strange and sensational.  But the young rock star talked him out of it.  He offered up the whole choir, singers, dancers, actors, and musicians.  The famous director conceded. Everyone was happy, except for the kid who wanted to be a rock.  Though if we “keep quiet, the rocks will cry out,” everyone felt happier about songs that rocked.  So for the finale, that’s what we were treated to, a song with the whole choir singing, “LET’S ROCK!”

Great job again, actors, singers, music director, the organ player, stage crew, can’t forget the writers, and finally Pastors who always try to bring a little humor to the sermons.  They all made it such a special celebratory day. We were wished a Happy Mother’s Day and a Happy “just being a female day” or “just being born day.” I thought that was cool, along with a very upbeat, inspiring play.  No, it wasn’t’ perfect, only minor little things here and there.  But did any of us want perfection?  Does God expect perfection? No sir.  Just sincere devotion and inspiration….and that we got plenty of, so thanks.  I sure loved it. Before I left, I just had to tell a couple of the kids that were sitting next to me that I absolutely loved their  dancing.  Such energy.  And talk about proud parents and grandparents.  Those cell phone cameras were pretty busy collecting unforgettable happy moments in time.  “Rock On!”

NOTE:  THE PLAY “Let’s Rock” was created by:  Pam Andrews, Rob Howard and David Guthrie…..”APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE!”

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