A WALK IN THE PARK: Observations


(5/19/2012) I love to walk a little at the park when I can. and sit on the bench and be a people/pet watcher.  I love to walk period and I never take it for granted or do it without lots of meds and my trusty cane.  It’s a safety factor at this point in my life.  Some evenings and weekends are different from other days at Fairgrounds Park here in Valpo, Indiana.  Dog walkers, the coolest dogs, joggers, kids, birds chirping, they’re all still around every day and on Saturdays.  But there is another lively, entertaining element lately.  Today it was the Street Kids and Wildmen, even The Strange, if I heard right.  Kind of a “strange” name for a baseball team.  As I sat watching, I couldn’t help noticing the great hits, catches, throws, team spirit: everything a person loves about the sport of baseball.

The other day when I passed by, I even got to watch some girl’s softball.  Loved it.  Always takes me back.  I haven’t seen any Tee Ball games yet though.  You know, the kind where a six year old dribbles the ball to the pitcher, it’s fumbled, second baseman tries to pick the ball up, drops it.  By that time the hitter is rounding third and when the ball’s thrown right over the catcher’s head, of course there’s another homerun scored. Oh I can’t wait to see some of that!  Do I have to go to some other park to see that maybe?  Not sure.   As I sat on the park bench near the end of my walk and just looked out toward the ball fields, some great music livened things up.  Other uniformed baseball players were hanging out in the parking lot with a car radio on. I thought I’d have to get up, be careful not to fall and shag down a ball about every few minutes that plunked down on the grass just a little ways from me. Boy they were hitting today!  But like devoted ball girls working a tennis match, two little girls always came running to retrieve the wayward ball and take it back to the game.  They sure did get their exercise!

Lovely day.  A little hot, ninety-three degrees!  But it was nice in the shade.  One more observation.  I’ve decided to make up a bumper sticker, laminate it and plaster it right on my very own bumper.  The sentiment reveals, “I don’t stop to smell the roses. I stop to listen to the train whistles in Valpo!”




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