When Darkness Falls and Medicine for Writers

Blog Entry: July 22, 2012

“When darkness falls, let’s remember what victims, survivors, and heroes teach us—to treasure the gift of life. Also, to counterattack swiftly against the devastating aftermath effects of sick, cowardly evil acts. To Colorado and all those affected, our hearts and prayers are with you.” 

I know the secrets to survival and quality of life.  First, luck, indeed, plays a role. Senseless tragedies remind us that we are the lucky ones. After all, we are still here to make the most of our lucky lives.  Secondly, there is another secret that I consider good medicine for people and, especially, writers. It’s the reason writers and other people in life don’t lose it all and are able to maintain productivity.  Ready?  It’s what I label as natural “Distraction Therapy,” in whatever form it takes.  It works! a thing called exercise.      Writing is a tough avocation and/or profession.  Anytime a person is dealing with the creative process within, hanging onto it with all of his/her might, against all obstacles, it creates internal stress.  I equate it with a feeling similar to a volcano that is boiling and ready to erupt at any time.  There is pent up energy, and finally as the written word flows from cluttered mind to book or poetry form, release occurs.  so distraction therapy, in whatever form it takes!  It works!

A Y.M.C.A. is good, but nobody needs a Y.M.C.A. I mean exercise is simply a matter of moving.  But, it’s another place to go to exercise, relax, utilize to maintain health, and take a well-needed break from the chore of writing.  It’s not a cure-all for everything that bothers or eats at a person or writer within while in limbo, in the middle of a project.  But it sure helps!

Yes, the Y.M C.A, works wonders for millions of people.  I write, take a break, do mild-modified exercises, swim; then come home, rest, and write some more.  While I’m there, (at the Y), sometimes I simply observe. It reminds me of when I sat in a college classes and was surrounded by all sorts of positive, inspiring, highly motivated individuals.  People with hopes, dreams, determination to persevere, enjoy, and make the most of their lucky days of existence.  Like the Olympic athletes, they strive for physically fit excellence.       Joggers, walkers, swimmers, exercise believers, people of action.  Treadmills, bikes, stair climbers, rowing machines, even WII in a youth wellness room for the kids, it’s all there.

Ah, the kids.  What would the world be like without Y.M.C.A.s and Boys and Girls Clubs for kids?  Oh sure, plenty of kids get along great without them.  (You have to admit though, that so many lives were (still are) positively influenced.  Most notable, a couple of spokespersons for the B.G.C.A.—J. Lopez and Denzel Washington! )      Again, as I said, it’s really just a matter of movement to exercise.  It only takes a local park and a hoop to play basketball, or an empty street or field to play many other sports.  But the Y.M.C.A. is another positive force in the world inspiring and helping kids and adults stay healthy.

So many pathways to a healthy life.  The secrets of surviving being a writer.  I don’t follow all the good, healthy lifestyle advice.  I don’t smoke and only have an occasional beer.  There’s too much meat in my diet though (I’m trying)  and I could eat more fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes, I think, maybe I’d be healthier without this urgency to write.  A mentor once even considered it to be, actually called it, a disease.  I try to think of writing as a positive compulsion, a positive addiction.  But it really does get on my nerves sometimes.  I learned a long time ago, many books and poems ago, that it’s a choice and I have to do my best to make it a positive one.

On the creative balance beam of life—I walk the fine line many days, fall off at times, but guess what.  I always climb back on.  I just can’t imagine trying to suppress creative energy.    So on I go, deep within the contents of the next book, a tall rabbit tale that I hope readers will truly enjoy in the near future.  Transition of some of my books to ebook conversion is in the works too.  That formatting is tricky in some ways though.  I’ll keep working on that too.  I want to get my allergy book up and running, Sneezing Seasons. Henry, a friendly antibody, narrates this “inside” story about hypersensitive immune systems.  With ragweed and Wickersham, a cute little kitty in an adorable pose, for the cover, I know it will attract readers.

The book in progress, which I am writing with a co-author, stars some very animated, talking Chicago hares who go west.   I’ll keep you updated.      Write-On my literary comrades, Write-On!  So will I…………GG

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