Countdown to January, 2013, a New Year

Oh, Oh…countdown.  Only four more hours until January, 2013.  Better hurry. I have to get this done so it will meet my deadline for a blog.  Remember, that last one made it…Still need to fix that date.

Right now, I’m lovin’ it, Bon Jovi, Channel 9, good old country on channel 7, Jason Aldean, and channel 11, a whole different genre of musical entertainment by singers sporting the late Marvin Hemlisch tunes AND the New York Philharmonic. (One of my favorites by him, by the way, The Way We Were.)

Dick Clark on everyone’s mind out there!  Looks like a five hour marathon this New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, started at seven.  Got to see/hear Usher, Taylor Swift, Pink, LinkinPark already.  Got my favorite movie on channel 98, too, The Client.  I just love that show and Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, and Brad Renfro, the kid in the movie.

“Kiss Today Goodbye,” you sing it Josh.  Yep, we all kiss today, this year goodbye, say hello to tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, let me give you an update on what’s on tomorrow’s planning table for NewJackRabbitCity—Starring the Chicago Hares, the book.

The written version is done. Of course I’m partial, what writer wouldn’t be?  I love the story, the characters, the themes, songs, and adorable graphics.  No replies yet from Lit agent or publisher.  My co-author and I probably will put it in Ebook format and get it up and running on  Oh, I also contacted the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  The founder lives in Chicago, unless she’s moved, and supposedly the agency has an office in Chicago, so still trying to keep that Windy City connection.

I also completed an audio version. I do more and more work by audio these days.  (Anyone can do it, just go to the Audacity program and upload it.) Michael will be fixing up the sound/equalizing volume, etc., soon.  Oh, there’s Green Day, I like them. Well, like I was saying, the audio.  The characters really come to life in this venue of storytelling.  I just love it!  I truly believe if people don’t take the time to read our story, if they start, they’ll be happy to listen to the whole story and/or read it when it all comes to life, audibly.  (Again, lots of pacing and do-overs, constantly clearing my throat, lemon juice helps some…drives me crazy, not sure if it’s meds or RA or both.)

Okay, I’ve gotta go, bring in the new year.  Have a good one and many more to come.

Best Wishes, GG

NOTE:  Posted 9:07 p.m. New Year’s Eve!  My computer says 9:07 p.m. December 31, 2012!  Honest!  Fix this glitch later, as far as publishing dates for last two blogs.

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