Rejection/Avocational Hazzard

Well, alas….I’m right in the groove once again with millions of other persistent writers out there in the world.  I must say, it’s nice to be acknowledged.  At least a literary agent took the time to take a look at the latest book I sent in and actually reply!


Although poised and poignant, he didn’t find himself wholeheartedly connecting with the writing, but thanks for the look and good luck.

Of course I wrote back a quick note of thanks…and said I really appreciated the feedback within about a week’s time, as promised.  That was truly remarkable.  Usually it’s months or no reply at all, which they tell you will be the case, unless interested.  I also wrote that in the spirit of Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, we will keep trying to get our story out there, since it’s a tall, talking rabbit tale.

So, just so everyone knows, I still believe in a both/and approach, but at this time, after contacting six lit agents, my co-author and I will probably take that other road now often traveled by writers these days:  self-publishing.  Our story is already on-line at our book website:

But, we’re thinking for paperback and Amazon’s Kindle for an E-book.

Self-published writers often do not break through, make much money, but there is always the exception.  I always tell my writer friends, “Hey, my life is not over with yet!”  I plan to be an exception, someday, just don’t know when.

Okay, all for now on that topic.  Keep the faith and Write-on! GG





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