Selp-Pub Authors Beware!


Hi…I READ DAVID GAUGHRAN’S blog on Authorhouse, AKA 1stbooks, xlibris, etc….about such ridiculous high fees to show book at the Toronto Street Festival….NEEDLESS, but actually NEED TO SAY, self-published authors like myself continue to need to be our own Private Detectives and Advisors when such “attractive,” “promising,” HIGH-PRICED, probably do little good offers come our way….For thousands of dollars, better to buy a trunk full of your books, hit the road and sell them or SOMETHING other than throw good money away and be “gullible-vized” by this kind of stuff. I’ve been self-pub for years…I admire writers who self-publish, but believe me, unless we get smart, we will continue to spend millions on worthless avenues to get our book noticed…and just be puppets handing over our good money to those directly, or INDIRECTLY, like festivals, etc…who take money and DO VERY LITTLE IN RETURN. (Though I’m sure there are some good ones out there in the world, for reasonable fees.)

But, yep, just like any other scam, credit cards, real estate, relationship cons, etc…it’s up to us to be the smart ones…DON’T TURN OVER YOUR MONEY SO EASY….THIS FROM A SELF-PUB AUTHOR WHO INDEED IS A HOOSIER, (Authorhouse is based in Bloomington, Indiana, and elsewhere)….with a book from that one and only….AuthorSolutions, or 1stbooks as it was when I published….I love my book, I love POD s, well some, and SOME advantages about them…but, c’mon guys/girls/execs/whatever….when you started your companies…WAS THAT IN YOUR MISSION STATEMENT…GET RICH OFF OF US AT ALL UNETHICAL COSTS…self-pub who just want a loyal, fair-based POD to help us put our book in print, and perhaps get some REAL, reasonable fee-worthy exposure for our story.

Shame on you, my dear fellow Hoosier POD! Watch out though, CREATESPACE is gonna put a dent right into your tactics…BY OFFERING UP THE BEST DAMN POD DEAL IN THE WORLD! AND WHAT A GREAT, EASY, FREE PROCESS FOR REVISIONS UNTIL AN AUTHOR GETS HIS/HER BOOK READY FOR PRINT! NO more Authorhouse for me! Good luck to writers…Be smart and Write-ON! Gail Galvan.

P.S. Self-Published writers, keep thinking outside of the box for promotion…my latest “scathingly brilliant idea,” is to finish a screenplay for my last self-pub book, since I have songs to go with it….and send off the play to every playhouse, especially Chicago Street Theatre, here in Valpo, and every school drama teacher in Indiana! Until my story gets told and sang on stage! I’m just sayin’…..when we refuse to give up, what else is there? But a view from the other side of the rainbow, called readers for our stories, alas!

To read David’s article, go to:

promote my two latest books, New Jack Rabbit City: Starring The Chicago Hares and Sneezing Seasons 2013, The Inside Story About Allergies and Immunology. (Contacting libraries in Indiana and Idaho, arranging a couple book-signings, await a review for New Jack, then will post…and WRITING THAT SCREENPLAY, THIRTY PAGES ALREADY!)

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