Join the literary wagon train of self-published poets and
writers. Here is the trail-wagon recipe I cooked up for you.



1. A yearning/ willingness to try something new and perseverance is a must.
2. Computer access and ability to follow instructions.
3. Pick ripe poems, short stories, devotionals, plays, and/or books that you have written. Stir those creative juices into word docs.
4. No spoiled documents that leave a bad taste behind. Utilize an editor or talented writer friend.
5. Spice up the interior with free images from Give credit.


1. Start a Create account for free.
2. Shop at the free Create Space Book Market. It’s open 24/7, by the way, with real-live person assistance.
3. Follow instructions to publish. Put in title as draft, so can experiment. Don’t use actual title until ready to publish.
4. Prepare at least 25 pages (minimum) of word document.
5. Pick book size, upload document as interior. View it.
6. Correct any formatting problems.
7. Create a cover (follow prompts).
8. Insert back text on book cover.
9. Create description.
10. Okay, when you sample/view book, it looks good, submit files for review.
11. Note: Color interior is more expensive when you buy your copies, although you will always have a free color cover. You can use a Create Space cover design, or use a CS template/create own.
12. Let your book “simmer” at Create Space for 12-24 hours. They point out any problems. Often, it will say a problem, but it still works, so try it first. If looks okay won’t spend time fixing something do not need to.
13. Get okay on book, view one last time, order up a proof, then copies. Savor the moment!
14. Watch for mail, and enjoy/share your literary creation when it arrives. Serve it with love to family, friends, and readers! I can’t wait for some free samples, since I shared my recipe with you!


If you only want book for yourself/family/friends—this is the best part—You simply DO NOT choose/serve any channels of distribution. It will be there and you can print up as many books as you want just for you. You can do this for a shorter poetry book or an entire book. It does not have to go “LIVE,” for sale on Amazon, etc. However, for authors ready to do so, option is available.

A secret to my special recipe is to have 131 pages if you want your name and the title on the spine of the book—and I don’t usually give away all my secrets in my recipes!

As mentioned in writers’ group, sometimes if something is published, such as a poem, it does not qualify for entry in contests, so it is something to consider before going
“LIVE” and selling on Amazon, etc. However, there are also contests where you can enter whole books of poetry/books of yours and try and win. And, it is just simply terrific to have your own book sitting on the coffee table at home or as a keepsake for your family/kids/grand kids.

Like I always say: “Oh what a wonderful world.” (It really is, printing-recipe-wise for writers.) Nothing like your very own free homemade “Chicken Soup for the Soul” batch of books cooked up or popped out of your unique self-cooking creative literary oven!

Don’t forget: Ben Franklin, Hemingway, Thoreau, Twain, Grisham, Stein, Whitman, Beatrix Potter, E. A. Poe, Stephen King, T.S. Elliot, Sandberg, e.e. cummings, —they were all pioneers, self-publishers. Believe me; many would have used Create Space in a heartbeat! And saved themselves a lot of money! Not only that, but they would be proud of us for being the pioneering self-publishers of our generation.


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