Hi, Percy here…that’s right, Percy Varrants.  My latest book is ON THE LITERARY ROAD with a Writer.  It’s another mostly true, occasionally imaginative account about my life and sparks to inspire and who inspires me.  Published with CreateSpace, but just available to friends and family for the time being…oh and to Tom Lounges and Catherine Lanigan.  (See info from a radio interview the charismatic Tom Lounges did with the author of the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile.  Some idiot professor tells the talented college student that she’ll never make a dime as a writer, but promise to NEVER write again and he’ll give her a B.  So for 14 years she keeps that promise.)  It’s toward the back of the book. (LATE ENTRY:  NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON.)

I wrote a lot about my life as a writer, the cool town I live in, Valpo, known as Catalpo in the story.  What a journey, what a ride a story takes a writer on.  I did reach out to a Chicago publisher and a New York literary agent.  (I may try others.) We’ll see if anything happens.  If not, CS is always there for me. Love the cover!  Forest green in front and back with a large insert of a “Lemonish” yellow on the back for the back cover text…so cool! I know contests that have best cover designs, I’d probably win something for sure!  Of course I had to add a graphic on front, an uphill road, the road that always leads me from the beginning of a literary spark to the my destination.  “Got a dream?  Chase it!  That’s what this book is all about.”  And a whole lot more, of course.


Percy writes books and poems. Self-publishing got her books into print but she admits that selling books is the difficult part. Yet, after thirty years of writing books, she never gave up. This story is a testament of never-ending faith, perseverance, chasing dreams, and finding the right paths to travel on in order to find clarity and satisfaction as a modern day writer. Travel with Percy as she writes about past literary adventures, the wonder age of self-publishing, offers Best Top Ten Lists for writers, or rides off to Chicago’s annual Printers Row Lit Fest.  There she buys a book that leads her to Jack Kerouac’s classic, On the Road. Unlike Kerouac, though, Percy travels mostly on the stepping stone sidewalks in her beloved town and down the imaginative avenues within the neighborhoods of her heart and mind. She says it’s always fun to have company and hopes you’ll join her on what she truly believes will be her final literary joy-ride novel.

HO! HO! HO! AND AWAY WE GO WITH ANOTHER HOLIDAY SEASON…Had a great Thanksgiving, gave lots and lots of thanks, always extremely grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

Had a terrific, fun time at the annual Write-On Hoosier Christmas party.  Entertainment was outstanding!  Put a little blurb about that in book.

Making new writer friends at the local writers’ group here in “CATALPO” Indiana…..Blank Slate Writers.  Got me a very good, patient, perseverant editor now, too, from the group, Tim…and he’s familiar with CreateSpace, uploading, etc.  Mostly he helped me out with formatting page numbers and headers.

Gotta go watch a Xmas Hallmark movie!  Holiday Cheers and joy and peace to all…

Until we meet on the literary road, or sidewalk…Percy Vee.


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