It’s amazing….every time I began a book, I looked up, asked God for a favor.  “Please let me finish this book I started.”  Guess what, God, the Heavenly skies,  and the kind, loving, positive-persistent forces of the world have never let me down…But I’m NOT writing any more novels… luck just might run out at this point. I’ve actually completed three books more than I really ever intended to write!

Short stories, poems, that kind of stuff….and helping others self-publish, that’s all fine and good…but no more novels…who knows, when I’m ninety I may change my mind, but not likely.

Just remember, the cookbook was a compiling-writer deal…so when I said ON THE LITERARY ROAD was my last novel, I meant it!

SECOND PLACE AWARD WINNER…ON THE LITERARY ROAD WITH A WRITER, Royal Dragonfly Book Awards, Five Star Publications…Biography/Memoir Category…2015.

ON THE LITERARY ROAD WITH A WRITER is a story about me, a writer, walking the streets of “Catalpo,” a fictitious town based on my cool real town where I live, Valparaiso, Indiana.  Travel with me on my true final joy-ride memoir as I share: past literary adventures,  Best Top Ten Lists for writers, and interesting tidbits about Valpo.  I used the pen name Percy Varrants, by the way, for this one….get it?  percy-varrants…..that’s what life takes, as a writer or anything else, perseverance, right?

“To dream is not to dawdle, rather…to dream and act is to fulfill life’s unique quest.”  Percy Vee……You can quote me if you like!

Finally, there is yet another book to add to my literary resume….of all things, a cookbook!  (TITLE:  Banta’s Batter:  Senior Savory Recipes and Merry Memories) Yes indeed, ode to Fannie Farmer!

Yes, my “scathingly brilliant idea” (as Hayley Mills would say in the movie NO TROUBLE WITH ANGELS) came to me one day as I sat eating lunch at our senior center here in town.  Carol, a worker there, mentioned that she hoped the annual Fall Bazaar was a success, because the Banta Center could use the funds….I thought, why not?  Compile a book by collecting recipes by fellow seniors, juice and spice it up with a few other  interesting issues, such as: info on celebrity cooks and famous chefs, and adorable graphics from, etc….so that’s what I did. Got started, and within a few months, voila!  One unique, fine cookbook with a colorful cover.

Thanks to the seniors who gave me recipes to publish and those who provided me with some heartfelt merry mealtime memories!

It’s an 11 x 8 1/2 size book sporting a glossy cover designed with a butterfly on the front.  Banta is a butterfly species, but the old Banta school/current  Banta Senior Center is actually named after a Banta family man/first superintendent of Valpo schools, William H. Banta.

I’ve had continued tough ups and downs with health issues, trying various meds, and a bad fall with everlasting effects….but I’m hanging in there….always feel lucky to still be enjoying quality of life a lot of the time….so I’ll be promoting the above last two books I published and New Jack Rabbit City…. in October, November, and December of this year…2015. I also entered them in some contests….so, I’ll await to hear about the winning results!

By the way, do you know who Betty Crocker is?  I thought I did, since we had her cookbook lying around the house when I was a kid…Betty was a sweet homemaker who cooked up great recipes, right?  Wrong!  She never existed! General Mills did a good job of “cooking her up!”  (I like my punctuation marks inside the quotes.)

Over and out for now….Cheers…and write-on!  GG and Percy Vee

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