Holidays, holidays! Springtime is Nearing!

Star Date:  Already February, the year of 2016…February will fly by and springtime season and Easter holiday will be upon us before we know it!

LATEST NOTICE:  New literary project in the works…more later, but meeting with my old lit pals at Write-On-Hoosiers tomorrow, Thursday evening to talk about putting together a collection of short stories…I emailed Sharon and suggested we put a book together for and have it ready at this year’s Xmas party…So, we’ll see. Again, mostly just compiling…

OH…and MY OTHER SCATHINGLY BRILLIANT IDEA, to write short stories…NOT A NOVEL…but short stories….about texting…and self-publish…Book is half done already..April is DISTRACTED DRIVERS MONTH….should be done by then…Love the cover I created with Create Space…sad short stories, then funny short stories..and one contemplative poem titled Deadly Roadways.

TITLE OF BOOK:  TEXTING:  SMASH-UPS, MISHAPS, AND LAUGHS…really cool, important-life or death message book. “Don’t text and drive or bad things will happen!”

Sorry, I have a little catching up to do…Halloween 2015 came and went, so did Xmas and my Hallmark movie marathon season…then, all of a sudden, it was a brand new year!  Hello, 2016!

I’ve been a busy girl…feels good to be a working class citizen again…two days a week at the Council on Aging here in town…helping with the Energy Assistance program…i just love it! Not too often you get to play Santa and help people keep their homes warm and lights on!

And Marilyn, Carol, the rest of the gang I work with…it’s so nice to have co-workers again…the only drawback is the free sweets dropped off by the town bakery or Strack and Van Til weekly…which I vow, yet can’t seem to keep my promise to refrain from taking home…cinnamon bread here, marble pound cake there…i never buy that stuff either..yet here I am, it’s free, so I’m partaking…

So, here I sit typing with my crooked fingers….aching back/neck..and feeling oh so lucky to still be a functioning human being able to enjoy life and accomplish things…Thanks God..oh and guardian angels…my sister and I had the scariest, closest call with death due to pure icy roads one day…WE ARE TRULY LUCKY, OH SO LUCKY that we did not go flying off into the air and smash right into death!  I swear…So scary, so lucky…Thanks again God.



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