My Latest book is about texting and phone call distraction. TEXTING:  Smash-Ups, Mishaps, and Laughs.    How did I come up with the idea?  My neighbor’s whole right side of his car damaged, my nephew and sister almost in a deadly crash, my brother, myself… all with close calls in traffic…why??? TEXTING or phone distraction by other drivers.  Research shows CALLS KILL. Please pledge to drive safely or “bad things will happen.”  For a good read, here it is, in black and white, fiery fictitious headlines and short stories:  It’s a book to raise awareness, yet entertain since part two of the book deals with The Lighter Side…and it will make you laugh. I know, I know, I said no more books, this is different…short stories, not a novel..It was easy!  Originally it was to be compiled by three authors, even less work for me but the other two writers had things come up, thus, I decided to forge forward alone.  I’m holding off on going live for now (for sale on Amazon) since  still trying that both/and approach… seeking agent/ publisher. In the meantime, copies are printed up by CreateSpace..I love it, just love it…this modern day wonder age of self-publication!  Oh, entering the book into several contests….I have plenty of confidence in this worthy, current-day (topic of interest) book!

COOL LITERARY PROJECT TWO:  HORIZON SPECTRUM..That’s the title of my writer’s group anthology of poems and stories…We are compiling now from writers in the group, I just created a very striking cover….two as tentative samples…really love the second one…hope that it is chosen.  Bev is editing…After formatting it and finishing touches…I will be uploading it to Createspace….We will be selling it and sharing our stories with others at the Write-On Hoosier XMAS party this year….don’t ya just love it?  I do!

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