Horizon Spectrum is Here!

We did it!  Our Write-on, Hoosiers group gathered poems, short stories,  novel excerpts…and published a book.  Sharon found a beautiful photo by Karen Good for the cover.  It’s resembles one of our magnificent Hoosier sunsets.  The fiery-orange skies and golden sun are reminders of how beautiful Indiana can be.  I’d like to thank Sharon for taking a leap of faith, forging forward with this literary project, and both Bev and Sharon for their incredible hard work and editing assistance.

To my writer friends, I’ll share this:


Once upon a time, in a small Midwestern town in America, an Indiana girl wished upon a star.  Her dream was to plant a literary garden.  She planted seeds that were donated from other dreamers. Three friends worked on the lit-garden and watched the dream-book grow.  Occasionally they wished the lit-seeds delivered were of a more perfect nature. But they only needed a little nurturing. And though sometimes they had different opinions about the type of grammatical fertilizer which should be used, they remained dedicated and toiled the literary soil.

Hoosier horizons, suns, moons, and huckleberry friends kept the lit-gardeners company until harvest season. Then one sunny day, the harvest was shared by all. From tiny creative, faithful seeds—to a unique, bountiful dreamstalk, that’s what Horizon Spectrum grew into. Hoosier literary soup for creative souls—that was the result of one Indiana girl’s dream and all of those who helped make a dream come true. When harvest time came, everyone gathered around and said, “Let’s feast, share our stories, poems, and dreams…and celebrate our miracle.”

It is told that many more literary miracles happened in the days and years that followed.  Simply because all of the literary gardeners know about the most special ingredient in the world when it comes to planting things and making them grow. They often express this heartfelt sentiment at their Lit-Garden Club meetings:

                      “When you wish upon a star,

                              you must first believe,

                 just believe, in who and what you are.”




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