Gail (Davis) Galvan was born in La Porte, Indiana and grew up in Gary, a section called “Glen Park.” She lived in Denver, Colorado for many years in her twenties and thirties, attended Metropolitan State College there and obtained a B.A. in Health and Wellness Education. Community College of Denver offered her the opportunity to study and become a Licensed Practical Nurse. When she finished her studies, she returned to Indiana due to her mother’s failing health.

The author sometimes describes her childhood as wondrous and filled with love and happy memories. However, allergies and asthma plagued her, so life was not easy. At age sixteen, she began work at her first job as a telephone magazine sales person. Though she has worked at many jobs in her lifetime: nursing, case management, field interviewing, as a teacher’s assistant and cosmetologist; she considers the jobs of writing and trying to become a published writer the most difficult. First recollections of falling in love with poetry or writing poetry occurred in eleventh grade at Lew Wallace High School when her teacher began to read Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

At age seventeen, a young love story evolved and we all know love is a strong potion that sets the romantic’s poetic heart on fire. The poetry began to flow into her journals. Another incident later in 1990 occurred. and once again inspired the author to keep on writing. After submitting a poem to Write-On Hoosiers, a writer’s group in northwest Indiana, A Gypsy’s Treasure, she was awarded an honorable mention. Once again inspired, years of writing poetry and stories followed.

To flashback to her twenties, she married her first true love, took up tennis, thanks to her husband’s lessons, enjoyed a smoke-free environment and began to experience an extremely improved quality of life. Since personally discovering that a healthy existence is possible for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, she decided to write a book: Autobiography of an Allergic/Asthmatic Survivor. Traditional pathways to publishing a book proved useless. She kept on writing and completed Sneezing Seasons, “the inside story about allergies and immunology.” Henry, a friendly antibody, narrates this story. In 1998, when she saw an ad regarding print on demand services by Infinity Publishing, she took matters into her own hands, sent her story in and the book broke into print in 1999.

This mostly unknown, undaunted author knows the ups and downs of self-publishing. The roller coaster ride of existence as far as being a writer turned out to be a tough one. “Every invention has its pros and cons,” she writes in Author Unknown, Author Undaunted. However, the lack of sales at times did not deter her from writing and self-publishing one book after another, including a collection of poems titled Affinity for Rainbows. Thanks to the idea for Chicken Soup for the Soul books, a first and second Hoosier Storybook was created with Galvan and other authors contributing their short stories and poems. Again, the books were self-published.

While some literary dreams began to come true, health obstacles continued to plague her off and on. Unable to find the smooth, healthy road, the roller coaster rides began again due to a serious affliction. At age forty-eight, following a strep throat infection, rheumatoid arthritis decided to cause havoc. You’ll find books about self-publishing and discovering the healthy road back after being saddled with health challenges as major themes running through Galvan’s books.

Gail married her second husband in 1989 and enjoyed many happy years as a wife and new role as a step-mom. Again, divorce eventually ended that marriage, but not the love she still professes for her ex-husband. Kewanna, Indiana became her hometown for over a decade. She stayed, worked and wrote. After eight years as a nurse on an Alzheimer’s Unit in Plymouth, Indiana, the author now lives in Valparaiso, Indiana with her beloved cat Geno, works part-time in the home healthcare field and continues to write poetry and short stories. Sometimes she makes it to a poetry club gathering in Lowell, Indiana or a Write-On-Hoosier’s meeting in Schererville.

In January of 2012, her latest book was released: A Nonviable Option: Suicide? Not! Back on the saddle of tough roads again due to continued health issues, finally giving up her job at the nursing home, and losing her beloved dog, Sissy, she keeps riding it out and looking straight ahead to catch a glimpse of that colorful, pretty rainbow following any storm.

To quote Galvan from the back of her latest book: “Keep chasing the sun. You just might catch it. Capture, not merely the essence, of life, love, liberty and happiness is possible if, and only if, we never give up!”

Feel free to contact the author at: gail@gailgalvanbooks.com

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